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Application's authors

Application's authors

Main author, programmist, sound designer: Dash.
Coder, english correcter Nuno.



First app version.


Rewrited application to other programming language HSP.
Added a wisual mode to sighted people.
In menu you can using tab, shift+tab or mouse and to select press space or click.
Now you arent taken back to beginning of the menu after selecting an option.
Added start sound.
You dont have to extract and the file, ewerything is in one executable!
Added bass test and informations category.


As of version 1.1 application is being written in HSP.
First version 1.0 app's created in BGT language.
Thanks to HSP sighted people can use this application!
With this application, you can test your speakers.
It's ideal stereo test for you!
Thanks to Nuno for helping with code and extract Linux sounds.
Left, right, normal and interphase channels sounds has grabbed from the Linux.
Copyright Dash 2018